And They’re Off

And they’re off……. The days of January are well underway, despite the wet and windy start we seem to be doing rather well with our winter weather this year. A very welcome bonus for us equine and canine lovers, as the cleaning of wet dogs, muddy boots, jackets and tack is still taking less time than the walking and riding itself!

As we prepare ourselves for an exciting 2014 full of goals and aspirations, it is worth taking a moment to look at the things we achieved and gained in 2013. Whilst not all instances may have seemed an immediate positive; we may have lost, fallen or not accomplished the things we set out in the year with, we must ask; What surrounds us now? What wonderful things do we have?

I find the best way to evaluate a new year is to go and have a chat with a furry, feathered or scaled friend. They will not be casting away bad habits of yester-year or starting a fresh for the new one. They will not be making plans, or trying to change their natural self. Instead they will be taking each and every moment at face value, as they always do. Enjoying every meal, sleeping when necessary and having fun when it starts, not after this phone call, that email or the next chore. They are doing what is instinctive, what is natural. Although our domesticated ponies, pooches and purring partners may not need to fend for themselves, inside their intent in life is still the same, to survive, to live.

Amongst our daily routines and busy lives in 2014, let’s all bring out the animal within us, to live every minute, enjoy what is good, move on from, ignorant of dwelling on, what seems bad, and learn from it all without carrying any stresses.

May your tomorrow always exceed your today.

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