All About The St. Leger Festival In Yorkshire

There are a lot of fun horse racing events taking place throughout the summer. But, there is not one quite as good as the St. Leger Festival.

This is an event that everyone looks forward to and it can be a fun day out for all of the family. If you are someone that enjoys the flat racing season then this is one that you do not want to miss.

But, if you do not know a lot about the St. Leger Festival, there is still time to learn. It does not take place until the 8th to 11th September.

So, let’s take a look at this event and what makes it so wonderful to watch.

The Long-Standing History of the St. Leger Festival

The St. Leger Stakes is the last of the classics. This means that for any horse racing fans in the UK, it is the signal of the end of the summer. Indeed, it always takes place in September and acts as the last exciting event if you like these types of competitions.

What a lot of people like about it is that it is run over one mile, six furlongs and 115 yards. In particular, it is a Group 1 flat horse race. The horses that are allowed to run in this competition are three-year-old thoroughbred colts and fillies. Out of all of the five classics, it boasts the longest distance. If you want to check out the best horse racing odds, you can follow the link.

If you are not familiar with the St Leger Stakes, this is the event that everyone looks forward to. There are a lot of sayings when it comes to horse racing. But, one that a lot of people refer to is that the fastest horse is going to win the Guineas. Then, the luckiest will win the Derby. But, the best horse is going to win the Cazoo St Leger.

Going Back To The Beginning

So, who started the St Leger Stakes? Well, this was back in 1776. It was created by Anthony St Leger, which is where the race gets its name from.

He lived in Doncaster, having a career as a politician, as well as being an army officer. It is interesting to note that when this competition first started, the race was even longer. Originally, it was two miles. But, this was changed in 1800.

Since a lot of people love the St Leger Stakes and recognise how great it is, it has inspired a lot of other races around the world. In particular, this is something that has happened in Europe.

Indeed, they have chosen to honour the race in their titles so that everyone knows they are a local competition that takes inspiration from this long-standing event.

For example, some of the events include the St. Leger Italiano, Deutsches St. Leger, Irish St. Leger and the New Zealand St Leger. So, this means that there are a lot more races you can watch if you like the original in Doncaster.