Superheroes Reimagined As Jockeys

Not a month passes without some new superhero based movie hitting the movie theatres. In recent years we’ve seen Batman, Spiderman, Avengers and Deadpool light up the big screen.

So it wasn’t surprising to find that our favourite heroes and villains have been reimagined as the heroes of the racetrack. Below you can see an awesome collection of 3D renders which feature Harley Quinn, Batman, Thanos, Captain America and Deadpool.

Each jockey has racing silks which reflect their superhero persona, including a cheeky nod to their sponsors. Thanos is sponsored by ‘Snap’ and Batman is sponsored by ‘Wayne Industries’ – of course!


The first image shows a jockey in the iconic colours of anti-hero Harley Quinn. Blue and pink arms are complemented with a matching cap. On the jockeys leg you can see the sponsor patch is taken by ‘Daddy’s Lil Monster’ and a smaller patch on the body which reads ‘I Love Puddin’.


The second image is Captain America in his classic costume. Star emblazoned on his chest and the stripes of the US flag on the lower half of his jersey. On his cap is the famous ‘A’ logo and his sponsorship patch displays the US ARMY text.


Next up in the series is Thanos, the most powerful villain in the universe. His racing silks incorporate the six infinity stones and the iconic gold and purple colours from the biggest baddie in the Avengers galaxy. His horse has the time stone on his headgear, ensuring that he’s never beaten to the finishing line!


No list of superheroes would be complete without Deadpool. The wisecracking king of comics looks fantastic in red and black silks which feature the twin pistol motif. His trusty steed is decked out in taxi cab colours. How else would Deadpool travel?


Last but not least is the caped crusader himself – the Batman! Here we can see him decked out in grey and yellow silks. A faint bat signal can be seen on his cap and his horse carries the colours of Batman’s sidekick Robin. ‘Wayne Enterprises’ is the sponsor shown on the jockeys trousers.

I hope you enjoyed this series of images, remember to check out the real-life heroes of racing in our photo gallery – click here.